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Anonymous asked:

But what's so wrong about being short and wanting a tall guy 😔 lol I'm 5'1 and I see all these posts on twitter talking shit and I be like ....damn lmao









if a nigga 5’7 with every quality you desire and  100 million in his bank account yall gonna be like nah im good too short

But actually, this is totally me. I’ll be damned if my future husband isn’t at LEAST 5’10 and I’m only 5’1. LOL.

My boyfriend’s 5’11 and ugh, so close yet so far to 6’0. 

Tall guys are the cutest with short girlfriends, duh!

😑😒 you can’t even tell the diff between 5’11 and 6’0 standing next to someone 😂 but your boyfriend is at a disadvantage

Tf? Stay In ya lane ✋ you 5’1 and want someone that’s 6’1, he can’t even see yo ass without you being on a step stool. Why u want a tall nigga anyway? When y’all stand next to each other y’all gonna look like the AT&T bars. Talkin bout can “you see me now? How bout now?” Like leave the tall boys for tall girls #StayInYaLane2k14


Hey my guy is 6’5 and i’m 4’11

*blinks* ^^^

Be looking like he’s your dad taking u too pre-k

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